Lidded Vessels

Custom jars in all shapes and sizes but always reclaimed.

Whether the design is hinged and a latched with a food safe o-ring or friction fitted, these jars are air tight for a fresh product. Finish can vary from mineral oil up to buffed with carnauba wax depending on intended use and budget. Please avoid drastic humidity changes as the wood will expand and may bind the lid to bottom in friction fit designs.

Note: not all jars shown are available for sale. Please contact us for availability.

Curly maple latched jar

Guitar neck waste. Latched with a food safe o-ring for air tight freshness. About 4" x 3". Finished with mineral oil.

Mahogany with maple lid

Guitar neck waste, both species. Air tight friction fit designed as an urn (very hard to open). About 3" tall by 2" diameter. Finished with carnauba wax

Stained curly maple

Guitar body waste, custom stain. Friction fit portable jar about 2" diameter. Finished with tung oil.

African Mahogany

Scrap guitar neck waste. Quilted figure. Friction fit with a concave bottom for scooping easier. About 2.5" diameter. Finished with mineral oil.

Mahogany and cherry with cherry and walnut lid

6" Jar from cabinet production scraps. Brass latches with a food safe o-ring. Finished with carnauba wax.

Walnut with rock maple and sapele segments

Cabinet production scraps. Loose fit intended as a jewelry box. Finished with tung oil.

Curly maple small jars

Guitar body scraps. Friction fit, portable jars. About 2" diameter. Finished with tung oil.