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About the Company and Materials

Recycle. Reduce. Reuse.

Dark Side of the Wood started out as a jewellery company making plugs/gauges from scrap guitar lumber in Maryland in 2011. Luthier Matthew Barrett was working in a production line for Paul Reed Smith as a finish hall worker. In late 2017, Matt relocated back to Bucks County, PA in a small suburb of Langhorne, to care for his family. Now, the company collects and dries wood from diseased, dying, or storm fell trees in the area. A few of the handmade items produced can be purchased online and more can be obtained at a local shows listed on the main page. The goal of the company is to provide sustainable lumber practices for the local community to support.

All items are made with functionality in mind and quality standards of guitars. We are grateful for any interest in custom work and will constantly make sure the custom project is put first and foremost before other art projects.

Due to the intricacy of bigger builds, custom furniture and guitar builds, we have to purchase much larger, stable lumber. Please contact matt@darksideofthewood.com for any inquiries or custom build quotes.

Everything is finished with food safe finishes and Eco-friendly procedures, and you can chose a certain finish over the others to suit your needs. MSDS sheets and information for the materials used:

Email: Matt@darksideofthewood.com

Phone: (720) 557-6123

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Local pickup is available for free and local delivery is a small charge of $2. To peruse the lumber that is drying or dried on the Dark Side, a mask is required to enter the premises due to the compromised immune system of a family member. All appointments are scheduled for a 1 hour block of time to accommodate any travel or life plans. Just give a courtesy message confirming or rescheduling.

Any instrument repairs are to be dropped off and picked up on customers time, OR a $25 service fee for pickup and delivery will be added to the bill.


To the best of our ability, we have simplified identifying your product based on a numerical system. The millennia is implied on all products and MM is only applied to custom orders. All our wood is classified by our best guess, albeit photo comparison of logs and leaves or simply asking the homeowner what the professional had named it. This nomenclature is new as of 2020, and you will only see "DS" and the year on anything made prior. Specialized gifts come with customers full or abbreviated name or initials burned into the wood. Please contact matt@darksideofthewood.com for any further questions regarding your recycled, reclaimed or repurposed wooden item.

DS XX &.@

Dark Side Year Wood . Location

E.G.: DS XVIII III.I = Dark Side 2018 Juglans Langhorne


  • I: Prunus: serotina (Black Cherry), pensylvanica (Pin Cherry)

  • II: Pyrus: communis (Common Pear)

  • III: Juglans: nigra (Black Walnut)

  • IV: Betula: nigra (Black Birch)

  • V: Quercus: alba (White Oak) , rubra (Red Oak)

  • VI: Fraxinus: americana (White Ash), pensylvanica (Green Ash)

  • VII: Ulmus: americana (American Elm)

  • VIII: Olea: europa (Olive wood)

  • IX: Acer: rubrum (Red Maple), saccharinum (Silver Maple), platanoides (Norway Maple)

  • X: Castanea dentata: Chestnut

  • XI: Mahogany

  • XII: Rosewood

  • XIII: Blue Malle Burl


  • I: Langhorne, PA 19047

  • II: Playwicki Park, Langhorne, PA 19047

  • III: Bristol, PA 19007

  • IV: Levittown, PA 19056

  • V: PRS Guitar Factory Stevensville, MD 21658

  • VI: Construction or furniture scraps

  • VII: Josh Hensley Exotic Plug scraps

  • VIII: Bethlehem, Palestine

  • IX: Bensalem, PA 19020

  • X: Mike's Tree Service Bensalem, PA 19020

Instruction to care for Wood*

Do not leave in direct sunlight - it will bleach the wood grain.

Do not submerge in water or wear in shower - it will swell up.

Do not leave in reach of animals or children​ - it becomes food or a chew toy​.

Do not expose to extreme humidity changes - it will warp.

Do not put in microwave or dishwasher. Wash by hand with soap and water.

*Failure to follow these care instructions will void the limited lifetime warranty