Luthier: a stringed instrument builder/repair person.

Matthew has been passionate about music for more than half his life, and he put himself through lutherie school at an early age during a rough time in the economy.  After school, he went to work for the 3rd largest American guitar manufacturer, Paul Reed Smith, as a finish hall worker while building and repairing guitars on the side.  Afterwards, he moved out west to Colorado, where he worked in a cabinet shop repairing unfinished homes with missing cabinets, trim work, doors and hardware.  His confidence in repairing your guitar is unparalleled to anything else he creates, and we urge you to visit our display booth in person to see the quality standards of which we stand behind and warranty.

Here are a variety of instruments that Matt has worked on in years past. Descriptions coming soon.

1918 Gibson Mandolin 

2011 PRS Santana CE

2014 Ibanez AR 620

Breedlove 12 string 

1965 Fender Mustang

Supro Belmont

Fender Fretless Jazz Bass

Silvertone SD 50

1979 Peavey T-60

Fender Tele

Squier Baritone


Epiphone Casino

1989-90 Fender American Strat

Cordoba Classical

1996 Fender Tele 50th Ann.

1990 Gibson LP Studio

1975 Fender Mustang

1970s National SG 430 2GT

1984 Cort GE27v

Fender Acoustic

Fender Jazz Bass

1969 Epiphone Olympic

1962 Epiphone Olympic 3/4

Gibson Copy

Ibanez w/ Floyd Rose

Jackson Flying V w/ Floyd Rose