Home Renovations

Welcome to the Dark Side renovations. Here you will see the possibilities we offer as a family of specialized tradesmen. This page is a work in progress and just a sample of some recent projects we have accomplished over decades of remodeling. Honest, fair and always professional, we offer a piece of mind when we work in your home. We warranty our work and guarantee you will love the final product. Use the links to the left to jump to sections of different work we can perform.

Bathroom Remodels

We can update your bathroom to modern needs and design. From minor electrical fixes to major shower remodeling, we can work within your budget to provide optimal results.

Old shower not used due to poor drainage.

Porcelain tiles with custom bench and glass door.

Properly sloped floor

Custom built shower bench

Custom design and hardware

Refinished bathroom entry and closet doors







Custom Cabinets

We install all of your cabinet needs to the highest quality standards. Installed by professionals, every cabinet is fastened to studs and through the face frames with hidden fasteners. We also build custom cabinets that we can guaranteed for a lifetime.

Check for plumb.

Attaching cabinets in action.

Walls with crown.

Scribe trim installed at base.

Install a cabinet where a wine fridge was installed.

Create shelf pin holes for adjustable shelf addition.

Match reveals, hardware locations, and install toe kick.

Build custom cabinetry with a locking door.

Door Installations

We install doors into pre-existing frames or create doorways for you. Hung plumb and proper, every door is to operate with ease and is warrantied for 2 change of seasons due to normal swelling of wooden doors. We can cut them smaller for 2x3 framing and cut them down when new floor has been laid and the door does not open properly.

Old closet.

Frame wall and door.

Check the swing of door.


Old bathroom door.

Old bathroom closet door.

Closet door removed and trim added to increase space and match open design.

Door and trim refinished with new hardware installed.

Drywall Install and Repair

From building new walls to patching holes, we can handle all of your drywall needs. Spackling, priming and painting are also part of the complete job we offer.

Old switches.

Cut patch out.

Spackle and sand.

Paint is smooth.

Electrical Fixes

Outlets and switches have a limited life of wear and tear before they should be replaced. Lights upgraded to LEDs will draw less power and provide better light with color temperature selection. Have a fan put in to circulate air and keep electric costs down. Get an outside outlet installed in a weatherproof box.


After fan and hi hat lighting installed.

Switches moved away from behind the door.

Porch GFCI with PVC running to hot tub outlet.

Professional Flooring

Done by a professionally trained graduate of BCTHS 2008, Danny has the proper skillset to create the impossible in modern flooring. From creating custom hatches for crawlspaces (left) to precise transition installations, he will lay your vinyl, laminate or hardwood floor in the most breathtaking way possible.



Floor and trim installed

Opens a room up.

Premiere Painting

Get your rooms painted by Matt, a certified Luthier of over 10 years with an emphasis in finish work. Attention to detail and clean lines is what makes the Dark Side stand out. We always use Sherwin Williams paint for the best results.






No room is complete without proper hardware for shelves, curtains, and coat hangers. Whether we find a stud or use the proper anchors, we guarantee a professional installation with a limited lifetime warranty on our work.

Shelf and curtain rod for closet.

Pulls installed on cabinets.

Vanity and towel hooks in bathroom.

Custom crawlspace door with pull.

Yard Waste Cleanup

We can clean up any fallen trees up to 20" diameter and leave you with limbs to create lovely garden beds or fuel for your fireplace. We can bag it all for the township to take, as well. We also offer plenty of mulch from various trees that we process into wooden bowls, available in 30 gallon bags for $10

Ash tree dissecting due to ash tree bore infection.

Walnut tree removal. This will be cut up to dry for projects.

Norwegian maple removed due to carpenter ants.

Chainsaw lumber to produce mulch, collected on tarps.