Wood Rings

Here you will find a few wooden earring designs we have completed for customers. Please contact Matt for any inquiries regarding a unique piece of jewellery.

Rosewood on pear stand.

Lignum and Pernambuco on cherry stand.

Rosewood with oil finish.

Cherry Burl with CA glue.

A group of cherry 2 piece stands.

A trio of rosewood rings from guitar fretboard waste. Ca glue finish.

Beautiful cherry burl from a tree in Bensalem, PA. Finished with CA glue.

Custom color single ring stands.

A group of elegant ring trays.

Up close with curly maple guitar body scrap rings

See our display for rings at our shows.

Tiger ebony from guitar top waste.

Work in progress.

Ring stand in progress

All rings are soaked in oil overnight for maximum retention.

We also have rings on display in Allentown, PA at Attic Mice 2.